Thursday, May 19, 2011

A salon for Little Star # 2

A literary salon, held in a handsome Harlem brownstone ... Jamaica Kincaid reading, transfixing every person in the room, her white socks turned down so their embroidered edges splayed over her brown leather shoes, her angular prose resplendent... sound like a nice time? These are reports from the recent Little Star event, held to celebrate that rare thing in our era of ephemera, the second issue of a literary magazine.  

Little Star #2 may be purchased online; you'll also find much interesting literary goings-on at the journal's Facebook Page and blog. But if you're looking for olives and real live human beans, you'll have to keep your eyes open for the next Little Star salon.

Words and art this month at Lorem Ipsum

TONIGHT at Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge, the opening reception of YOUNG GHOSTS, the gallery installation for the month of May from local graffiti artist, Black Math, featured in a Weekly Dig interview this week. [Event page]

FRIDAY, MAY 20: the Sig Amet reading series session featuring Janaka Stucky, Dot Devota, Matthew Henriksen (author of Ordinary Sun) and Brandon Shimoda (author of The Girl Without Arms, whom Tomaž Šalamun describes as "an Ur-being, a totally new creature [... whose] language changes natural laws."), as well as poems read from Destroyer of Man, a posthumous collection of poems by Boston-area punk rock renaissance man, Dominic Owen Mallary. Start time, 7:30 PM. [Event page]

from "The Knife" by Keith Douglas

This I think happened to us together
though now no shadow of it flickers in your hands
your eyes look down on ordinary streets
If I talk to you I might be a bird
with a message, a dead man, a photograph.


This is the last stanza of five; a full text version appears here but it is not clear whether this is an authorized source.