Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From the MadHat/P&A AWP off-site reading: Ben Mazer

Jonathan Pelton of Unlikely Stories writes:
On Thursday, March 7, I was fortunate enough to participate in the joint MadHat / Pen & Anvil Press off-site read for the 2013 Conference of the Association of Writers' Programs in Boston. We read in the Sherril Library at Lesley University in Cambridge. 
I knew we had a solid line-up, but I had no idea that the event would be as magical as it was. It was truly one of the best readings I've ever attended, and I am overjoyed to have participated. 
It's six weeks later, and I'm still sitting on the footage. I still have a great deal I need to do, projects more pressing than uploading these videos to YouTube, but I really couldn't wait any more -- I had to share at least one reading from that delightfully powerful and bizarre night -- Ben Mazer, of Zachary Bos's Pen and Anvil Press.


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